This is James Price Photo

James Price

Managing Director / NDIS Plan Manager

This isHannah Kelly Photo

Hannah Kelly

NDIS Plan Manager - Client Induction

This is Anna Yang Photo

Anna Yang

Accounts Processing Manager/ Chinese Consultant 中文顾问

This is Omalka Perera Photo

Omalka Perera

Administration Accountant/ Sinhala Consultant සිංහල උපදේශක

This is Sandy Powell Photo

Sandy Powell

Corporate Development Manager

This is James Price Photo

Rebecca Rodd

Senior Bookkeeper

This is Cathy Shi Photo

Cathy Shi

Processing Officer

This is James Price Photo

Anna Le

Vietnamese Consultant tư vấn việt nam

This is James Price Photo

Solmaz Yasir

Turkish Consultant Türkiye Danışmanı

This is Susan Zeng Photo

Susan Zeng

Systems Analyst

This is Isabelle Swanson Photo

Isabelle Swanson

Reception/ Polish Consultant Polskie konsultant

This is Liang An Photo

Liang An

Accounts and Customer Support

This is Rewena Wilson Photo

Rowena Wilson

Processing Officer/ Filipino Consultant

This is Asha Rani Photo

Asha Rani

Processing Officer/ Hindi and Punjabi Consultant हिन्दी सलाहकार/ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਸਲਾਹਕਾਰ

This is Dione Mills Photo

Dione Mills

Induction Officer

This is Terri McIntosh Photo

Terri McIntosh


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