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How focused is AIIM Choice on supporting the participant?

Our prime focus is the participant, assisting them to maximise the benefits that their plan is designed to achieve.

We view ourselves as part of a team comprising, the participant and their family, you and AIIM Choices. We believe in all working together in the best interests of the participant.

What is your response time to pay invoices?

AIIM Choices processes invoices daily, and pay invoices within five working days.

How quickly do you respond to enquiries?

We respond to emails daily with the turnaround for a participant Service Agreements to them for signing on the day we are contacted.

With prompt telephone responses, we do our utmost to assist participants.

How does our Plan Management service cope with your individual needs?

We spend time training participants about the NDIS, especially relevant for self-managed participants.

We now offer multi-lingual services with staff speaking Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Turkish, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Hindi, Punjabi, Polish and Filipino.

We work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and understand our services.

What ongoing support does AIIM Choices offer apart from plan management?

We help answer any NDIS queries to ensure the participant maximises the care plan.

Can I find out how much funding is left in my plan?

Currently AIIM Choices do not offer an online login connection to access the plan’s financial details, however we are able to provide current balances and transaction listing when requested. We email monthly transactions statements as requested.

How much does plan management cost and is cost taken out of my plan?

AIIM Choices charges the government standard price for this service.

This is service comes at no cost to the participant as it is government funded separately to an individual’s NDIS package.

Difference between Plan Management, Self-managed and Agency?
  • Plan Management, you’re in control of services, but there is a separate service to access your funding to pay bills funded through your NDIS plan
  • Self-Manage, you’re in control of your services, but you claim monies from the NDIS to pay your NDIS bills
  • Agency Managed, you delegate the control of your services to an agency and they organise and pay for NDIS approved services and contractors

For more information please contact the NDIS or

Can you opt out of Plan Management service agreements?

Yes – you can opt-out of Plan Management services at any time and become either self-managed or move to agency managed. You can stop using AIIM Choices at any time, we are ready to help with any changes. A 14 day notice period is required.

How much does NDIS Plan Management services cost?
  • There is no cost to you
  • The NDIS adds additional funding to you plan to fund Plan Management services
  • Our fee is the standard NDIS fee
What is AIIM Choices Plan Management services and how does it work?

AIIM Choices approach is about you having your own accounting service to take care of paying the bills for services funded from your NDIS plan. The steps are:-

  • The participant engages a provider for a service and sets up service agreement. This agreement is sent through to AIIM Choices email
  • The participant receives a service from the provider and gets invoiced for the activity
  • If they are happy with the invoice, the participant sends the invoice to AIIM Choices email
  • AIIM Choices claims the monies from the NDIS, then pays the invoice for you.
  • All services must be within the scope of your NDIS plan.
Other information and support offered by AIIM Choices.

At AIIM Choices we are here to help if you have and questions regarding the funding in your NDIS plan. We take pride in providing you with any information in a timely manner that can assist you in maximising the benefits from your funding.

Individual's right to a support person or advocate.

All participants have the right to have a support person to help them with their NDIS Plan. This support person can help a participant with many aspects of their plan. AIIM Choices just needs the support the details and have them sign off on our Advocacy Form where appropriate.

Can I change my advocate or support person?

Yes, the participant has the right to change their support person or advocate at any time. AIIM Choices needs to be informed and new arrangements signed off.

Access for interpreter support if required.

At any time, if things are not clear due to language differences, AIIM Choices is happy to provide language support to ensure clear understanding of any information to do with our Plan Management service.

Do I need to email my NDIS Plan to AIIM Choices?

Yes, we need a copy of your NDIS plan so that we can set up the correct information on your service agreement. Using this information, AIIM Choices will then use the NDIS portal to access to your funding to enable your invoices to be paid.

Privacy and confidentiality of information.

All information supplied to AIIM Choices is treated as confidential. All information is kept as required by government regulation.

Option to opt out available for NDIS audit purposes.

The NDIS, like many Government bodies, has an ongoing audit process for its services. You have the right to opt out of an audit process at any time. You will be informed if your file is to be audited, however it’s up to you if you are OK with the audit process to proceed.

AIIM Choices feedback – compliments and complaints.

At AIIM Choices we are always happy to receive feedback regarding our services and support. If you have any compliments or complaints please provide feedback either directly via phoning or emailing AIIM Choices. Alternatively you can provide feedback on our contact page here Also you can provide feedback directly to the NDIS via their website

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